Attention facebook


For my application to the People RESEARCH scientist POSITION at facebook

Dear Facebook,

I am extremely excited about the possibility of working as a People Research Scientist at your company because I think our collaboration could improve the lives of many people. My research focuses on the determinants of happiness. I, along with researchers in my field, consistently find that the workplace has a major effect on happiness. But the underlying reasons for this relationship between happiness and the workplace remain largely unknown. Researchers simply have not been able to dig deeper on this topic for one simple reason - lack of data. This is despite the fact that increased happiness has many positive effects for workers and employers - increased productivity, better health, higher retention rates, more productive collaboration, and pro-social tendencies to name a few. To address this issue, I recently wrote a paper calling for scientists, managers, and CEOs to pay more attention to workplace conditions and well-being. 

Working within Facebook, the worlds most innovative company, where employee well-being is valued and data informs decisions is the perfect environment for me to use my research abilities to make significant contributions to employee happiness and productivity. My goal in life is to make people happier, and the People Research Scientist position presents this opportunity. Additionally, I thrive working in collaborative, fast paced environments, and would love to help improve a company that has already enriched the lives of people around the world.